As part of the "Developing Annan Harbour" project we are building a second St. Ayles Skiff.

Annan Harbour Action Group built a St. Ayles skiff a few years ago and now the plan is to build a second skiff to allow for some healthy competition amongst local rowers.

The second skiff is being built by a group volunteers and students from Annan Academy - trying to give students the opportunity to learn new practical hands on skills and develop teamworking, planning and decision making abilities.

So far the frame has been built and the bow, stern and keel planking has been put in place.


                                                 The framing for the boat takes shape. August 2016. 


                                              Ribs, bow, stern and first keel section in place. November 2016

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Laying the final piece of the keel, 16th January 2017. Nearly time to get the boat turned over to start fitting out the interior.


Ta-Dah! The new boat was turned over on Thursday 16th of February 2017. Now to start getting the inside fitted out.


And now the team have lined the inside with plastic while the gunwhales are glued in place. This should stop any run off getting onto the internal surfaces.


Time waits for no man! The seats are going into the new skiff; and behind that divider, the Pride of Annan (our other boat), is getting a new colour scheme. Both boats will eventually be decked out in yellow and black - the historic colours of Annan.

                                                                                                                                                            The new oars are taking shape


Both boats got a new colour scheme in keeping with the local Annan colours of yellow and black and were seen together for the first time on launch day, 13th of July 2017.


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