In celebration of the upcoming solstice Annan Harbour Action Group is reprising last year’s inaugural torchlight walk from Barnkirk Point at Newbie, Waterfoot up into Annan Harbour for food, hot drinks and some seasonal music, on the early evening of Saturday 16th December. The torches will symbolise bringing the flame from a Yule log, kindled out on the shore as the sun sets, into the Harbour to light a quayside brazier to warm the assembled participants.

A shuttle bus will transport walkers to the Annandale Way Cairn at Newbie Barns from the High Street, opposite the Blue Bell Inn from 4.00 pm, and will run continuously until 5.15pm. Walkers are asked to muster at Barnkirk Point for a hot drink and to light their torches in time to begin the 2 mile walk back into Annan at 5.30pm. The music will begin at 6.30pm when hot food and drinks will be served.

Please telephone the AHAG office on 01461 758210 if you have any mobility issues but would still like to participate.

AHAG therefore cordially invites Annanites and friends to join us in remembering how our ancestors and predecessors along the banks of our river might have enjoyed a dark winter night; by getting together to share good company, some good food and some seasonal music.

A shuttle bus will transport walkers to the Annandale Way Cairn from
where they will muster to a bonfire at Barnkirk Point

Walkers will enjoy a hot chocolate to fortify
them for the walk back to Annan Harbour via the Millennium Bridge

Children will be issued with glow sticks and
adults will carry real flame torches from Newbie

They will be met at the Quayside by the Town
Band for music and seasonal carols.

All participants will be fortified with hot food
and drink.

Participants are invited to wipe away any bad
memories, regrets or disappointments from 2017 by writing these on scraps of
paper and consigning them the flames of a Yule brazier. With these out of the
way everyone can then release their hopes and aspirations for 2018 into the
world by also writing these on paper and sharing to the ether via the fire.


16.00 First bus to Annandale Way Cairn from High St., opposite the Blue
Bell Inn

17.15 Barnkirk Point bonfire and hot drinks

17.30 Procession leaves Waterfoot for Harbour

18.30 Procession arrives at Harbour

18.30 Music begins and food is served

19.30 Event ends   

Please register by clicking on the link here: Solstice Walk Registration Form

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